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Senior Management

B D Forrest & Company was founded in early 2010 by Bruce D. Forrest, MD, MBA., and was acquired by Hudson Innovations, LLC in 2018.

Dr. Forrest, formerly President, B D Forrest & Company, continues in his role of Senior Consultant with Hudson Innovations, bringing to the company over 25 years of global leadership in pharmaceutical development with speciality expertise in, but not limited to, vaccines and biopharmaceuticals development in both major and emerging markets. Combine this with his recent experience as an Investment Banker, and he has established a reputation for innovative solutions to complex product development challenges through a broad perspective and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, banking and financing, and the need to have organizational alignment across development, manufacturing, and commercial activities to drive success.

Dr. Forrest possesses extensive experience and field knowledge of the pharmaceutical development environment in Asia, especially Japan, where he served as Board Member, Corporate Officer and Head of R&D for Wyeth K.K. He oversaw the local product approvals for etanercept and gemtuzumab ozogamicin, as well as product registration submissions for a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, bazedoxifene, temsirolimus, venlafaxine and tigecycline; and, was responsible for developing a successful strategy for the integration and coordination of development activities across the major markets in East Asia. 

During his career in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, Dr. Forrest was the clinical leader for several major vaccine programs, including: a meningococcal C conjugate vaccine; a live, tetravalent rotavirus vaccine; a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine; and, live attenuated influenza vaccine. As a Senior Vice President at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Dr Forrest was responsible for all late phase development activities in vaccines supporting both clinical and pharmaceutical science development, including Fermentation and Process Development, Analytical Development, Formulation Development, GMP testing, Development Project Management, GMP Clinical Supplies Manufacturing and Distribution, Outsourcing Management, and Development Finance.





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